Raised bilingually in Vienna/Austria (English/German), I always knew I wanted to work with young children.
I love their spirit, refreshing honesty and the possibility of making a difference in our future generation. I am so grateful for the way I got to learn as a child. As a former Montessori student myself, I was able to experience schooling that used a nurturing and holistic approach. With this specific educational philosophy, I had the opportunity to fall in love with language. I was able to explore and experiment in the sciences and was introduced to Mathematics in a way that did not trigger fear in me, but enabled me to be fascinated by its mechanics. I want everyone to learn like this; I want people to experience learning as a never-ending journey of fascination and opportunity.

After completing my studies in Early Childhood, I followed my belief that living life to its fullest, is the most diverse and engaging teacher. This started my 10-year journey around the globe, working in different capacities with children in New Zealand, Australia, England, France, Austria, and the United States of America. Teaching in schools and also working with special needs children taught me an immeasurable amount about my students as well as myself. I eventually settled in San Francisco, California, where I studied AMI and received my Montessori teacher qualifications. After completing my education, I could finally apply what I had experienced as a child, teaching via the unmatched and unique Montessori method. My journey as a Montessori teacher had begun, which included assisting with the opening of an excellent Montessori school in San Francisco. A few years ago, Europe came calling again, and Zurich became my new home.

The lifelong learner in me never rests, which is why, in addition to guiding children in their holistic development, I studied art therapy to learn how best to support children during difficult times. Life and learning is an adventure, and I can’t wait for you to join us and be part of this incredible journey.


Ms. Zoe


In Ms. Georgi’s classroom, the children helped one another with the materials and with their shoes. They resolved conflicts by calmly talking about them and with a hug. They learned about renaissance artists like Johannes Vermeer and always sang songs and danced. Music was a core piece of the classroom which made it lively and joyous. It was a warm and loving environment and a true family for our children.

Alicia W. San Francisco California