Ms. Georgi always made me feel welcome in the classroom and I would often visit to both observe my son’s work and to come for lunch. I always found Ms. Georgi’s classroom to be tidy and tranquil, with each child, focused on his or her work.

    As a teacher Ms. Georgi was just simply wonderful; her love and enthusiasm for guiding children just shines. I would drop Hudson at school most mornings and arrive to find Ms. Georgi sitting on the floor already surrounded by her children, telling them stories and getting them excited for the day ahead.

    In the classroom, I always observed Ms. Georgi to be very patient with the children and my sense is she takes her time to really understand how each child learns and to find a way to guide their development that suits them best.

    Todd Kloots, San Francisco California

    8702 Zollikon

    My Lounge