Hello and Welcome!

We are so excited you have come to join us on this journey of discovery. We are passionate about children and childhood. We love the magic every child brings to each day. No matter what age we learn daily and most importantly, we love to learn. Isn’t that what education is supposed to be? A discovery triggered by the desire to know more, the ability to follow one’s passion and create something new, the joy in activity and making a difference. Put all of this together, and you will receive one word, one very powerful word- Montessori
We learn and grow the Montessori way!
So this is the mission for this blog, we will continue our journey, we will deep dive into all the different areas of childhood, we will discuss how the Montessori method can benefit you and your children, we will share what we have experienced and show you what we have learned. We want to help you find the joy in the every day with your children. We want you to get the support you need. Sometimes, the simplest things are right in front of us, but until we turn our heads to the possibility, we can not see it. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, just like there is nothing wrong with trying different approaches. There is no need to burn down a house to start over. Little changes can make all the difference, small goals you can set for yourself and your family. You can choose that today, even though it is raining, and even though the coffee machine broke, you will tackle your two-year-olds challenging behavior. Together, I promise, we can do this. This blog will be filled with helpful tips and tricks that will help you feel empowered and confident. It will allow you to reenvision your week, your day, or even the smallest of activities. Life is a journey, and children are the cherry on the top of your delicious ice cream Sunday. So hop on board, there is lots to do. Are you ready to learn together? You are going to have to hold on tight, this is going to be quite a ride.


Ms. Zoe

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