We are dedicated to providing children with the highest quality of education and support throughout their development. Within our community, we support children as they flourish as kind-hearted, joyous individuals, and future successful adults.

At Serendipity, we are committed to creating an empowering and loving home away from home, a multi-age, family-like community that provides a place where every child can learn to be independent, self-confident and inspired. As we foster a joy for learning and the fulfillment of every child’s potential, the children learn to follow their passion using a carefully-sequenced activity-based curriculum that engages body and mind.

Developing an active mind through learning and being challenged brings great happiness to children and encourages their natural emotional and intellectual growth process. Serendipity creates a culture of curiosity, genuine interest in understanding, and exploration.
We celebrate each child’s interest, whatever it may be. We do this by taking this passion and connecting the subjects while indirectly encouraging the practice of further skills.


Zoe is a very loving and nurturing teacher who is completely invested in the well-being and development of each child in her class. She has a deep love, understanding and expertise for the Montessori based teaching methods. Her approach is a great balance of love, care, respect, fun and laughter combined with polite yet firm disciplining – all essential tools in developing kids of that tender age.

Deepa Prakash, San Francisco California