Respecting the Child- The Origins of Montessori

You might be wondering what Montessori is, why do we keep mentioning this educational philosophy repeatedly? Why is it so important? Well, let us dive headfirst into it. It’s incredible, unique, and impossible to describe within one blog post.

Not the answer you wanted to have, I know, but I have always told you that I would be honest with you, and that has not changed.

Dr. Maria Montessori was a scientist, teacher, and doctor, a woman ahead of her time, a wise lady that observed children and drew conclusions coinciding with today’s neuroscientific research. I will tell you more about this incredible woman and her story another time but what you need to know today is that her method has withstood the test of time, proving over and over again that what she created not only works but is one of the most peaceful and child-orientated methods in the world.

At this point, I am tempted to list the names of Montessori graduates. People that I know will impress you, but you ultimately need to decide for yourself. Just like a true Montessorian, an explorer, and scientist at heart, I want you to keep reading and learn more about what we believe in because you want it and not because impressive personalities have credited their success to their Montessori education. That said, if you are interested, take a break and google it.

Alright breaks over, time to explore.

There are many aspects to the Montessori philosophy, I can write a book about how beautiful the language and math material is, for hours at end I can tell you about the scientifically created Sensorial material or cosmic education. I promise this too will come, but today we will talk about the foundation of this unique method. Experiencing the Montessori method is not only about the material you can buy; it is about the interaction and respect you give children. Dr. Montessori had such deep respect for children; living during a time of war, her love for children was so wildly known that it not only once saved her life. People respected her and kept her safe, knowing that she advocated for children. Dr. Montessori challenged, she pushed for change, she made sure the future generation has a voice and a life full of opportunities.

You can buy beautiful, high-quality material and furnish a classroom in a reflected way, but you need to have that genuine Montessori attitude. Believing, embracing, and modeling unwithering trust, the belief in a child, as well as the respect and love for humanity. It takes a lot of time and hard work to become a Montessori teacher, AMI Montessori teachers that is. Unfortunately anyone can name themselves a “Montessori” teacher and pardon my wording but ruin it for everyone by presenting have baked environments and philosophies. To become an AMI Montessori teacher, one needs to go through rigorous training that includes a transformation. You become aware of everything you say and do. You slow down and analyze each movement, think outside the box, and learn to create a learning environment that is unique to each child.

Learning is supposed to evoke joy in us. It should be an exciting exploration, a feeling of discovery, coupled with the enjoyment of knowing more. One way to teach all does not foster a curious child’s needs; it tells us, be like everyone else, don’t be curious, don’t stray from the norm. To invent and create, we need to have people brave enough to step over the line, think about other options or solutions, and create something new.

Today, we would not have a saxophone if Antoine Sax would not have been an auto educator, willing to try something new, and imagine it. Be brave, be different, be yourself. Montessori is an emergent curriculum, it puts the child first, it is brave and says I am different, and I love it. An emergent curriculum in contrary to traditional schooling puts the child’s individuality first. So what does all of this mean? It means that Montessori education’s most crucial thing is the love for the child, its abilities, and its strengths. In a respectful, fun, and loving environment that celebrates uniqueness, a Montessori educator makes sure that every child is welcomed precisely the way it is, while focusing on reaching his or her individual potential.

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